Monday, July 27, 2009

I have decided...

Despite the fact that autobiographical info smacks of narcissism, I have decided to post some info to Facebook. Hopefully it will be a bit light and breezy and not too self-concious. How else will people get to know you if you don't share?

So here we go with true confessions entry 1... (without getting TOO personal).

You’ll see trivia and significa interrelated here, or get the whole package at once on Facebook. Esoterica about Earnie will follow at some point in the near future.

A few weird --and not so weird things about me you need to know if you REALLY want to know me…

I once tried “Just For Men” and it turned my hair red, leading me to buzz my hair and shave my beard till it grew back. That was about the time I tried Rogaine and it made my hair smell like a pickle. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So take me as I am, au naturale.

I grew my first beard for the role of Lancelot in a production of Camelot in 1974, and have had a beard for all but a few weeks ever since. So I don’t own any stock in Gillette or Schick, needless to say. And yes, Earnie prefers the beard, which says something about my appearance without one.

I am a family history junkie. My most unusual ancestors are the guy president Andy Jackson’s wife ran away from to marry him (after Andy chased him into that cane brake with a butcher knife) and a grandma buried at Shaker Village where she lived out most of her days. And yes, the Shakers practiced celibacy.

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