Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We had thought about going to hear this

Program Information:
Michael Sandel Renowned Harvard professor and author of Justice: What We Owe One Another as Citizens - and How We Can Think About It Together

Justice, or Moral Reasoning 22, a course in moral and political philosophy taught by Harvard Professor of Government, Michael Sandel, draws more than 1,200 students each year. One of the most visited pages on the Harvard website (link) carries a video in which Sandel addresses a rapt audience on dilemmas dreamt up by philosophers in order to get people to reflect on their beliefs about the relationship between action and intention.

His new book, Justice, offers readers the same exhilarating journey that captivates his students- the challenge of thinking our way through the hard moral challenges we confront as citizens, inviting readers of all political persuasions to consider familiar controversies in fresh and illuminating ways.

Interviewer: John S. Carroll
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former editor of the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, and the Lexington Herald-Leader.

BUT by the time the "convenience fees" (that is an oxymoron, for sure) were added it was going to run over 50 bucks- and at 6PM one would have to fight downtown rush hour to attend. I think we'll check out any lectures online. It would take longer to get there than the interview lasts. I think living in the boonies will have to change in the future.

Here's a 27 minute one.

And another.It's 43 minutes. Here are the Reith Lectures.

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