Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Blind Side- a review

I'm not much of a sucker for schmaltz, so I don't watch much of the Hallmark Channel. I must admit that I half expected this film to be of that ilk, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were points that danced dangerously close to that tune...but all in all this was a good story, and a fine performance from Sandra Bullock, who carried the film through some treacherous territory where it might have descended into being just another tear-jerker.

We've gained a bit of experience on the inside of the foster care system and know of the heroic actions of many who put their money where their mouths are when it comes to care and compassion. People really can change a life by taking care of widows and orphans, but it's equally true that their own lives are changed in the process. Bullock was convincing as well as entertaining. The depiction of the role the kids in the family made in making the intervention work was a good touch.

The down side: Tim McGraw is really a weak link as an actor in my opinion. His wooden performance was a distraction.

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