Monday, December 28, 2009

Seek the Child of Heaven

He is the Word that had to be said
He is the prayer we pray.
He is the gift that arose from the dead
A gift to give away
He made the star in the skies
That points the way in the night
He is the one that gives it light
And oh He shines so bright

Burn away the darkness that blinds us
Burn away the darkness that binds us
And give us sight
Oh give us sight

To see the Son is to see
The God who is unseen
We see the Son and see
His purpose for every thing

Seek the child
Oh seek the child
The child of heaven reconciles
He sets the prisoner free
To arise and to shine bright
In His presence whole and holy
Whole and Holy
Whole and Holy
Enter in and stand in glory
Seek the child of heaven
Come and shine within His light

Gloria to the glorious one
Our Creator is revealed
His glory he now shows
God on High is here below
So that we can know
So that we can know….

Anthony Foster
December 26, 2009

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