Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reduce Me To Love

Reduce and refine me
Put my idols behind me
Set my mind on things above
Reduce and refine me
Kindly remind me
What I am made for and made of
Jesus, reduce me to love.

For life will confound
Distract and leave bound
But your love will humble us
For your love simplifies
And in You pride dies.
And love becomes our trust.

Reduce me to love
Reduce me to love
Simple and pure
Love will endure.
Render my heart
Or rend it apart
Until my reason to be
Is to be conformed to Thee

Your raging love
Sears my soul of
Distraction and dross
Until gain becomes loss
When you become Lord
We become loves reward.
Jesus reduce me to love.
Jesus reduce me to love.

Anthony Foster
August 22, 2010

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