Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Count the Cost

How will we fathom the profound price
Of an all sufficient sacrifice?
How do we count the terrible cost
Of our God hanging on a cruel cross?

Before the mystery profound
Before the Glory that is found
When all else is counted as a loss
We must count the cost, count the cost.

And how will we measure
The depths of Father’s pleasure
In bruising his beloved Son
So that we may be undone?
How can we ever hope to plumb
The depths of a grace that leaves us numb?

The cost that shows the power of
We strength of weakness bound in love.
How can we ever hope to count
The worth of wonders that surmount
Every other value in this Earth?
We can only start to ascribe worth
By falling down in mercy’s dew
We’ll not comprehend the shame he knew
For glory set before Him he endured the cross
How can we ever count the cost?
The wage of the work that redeems the lost
How can we ever count the cost?

Anthony Foster
August 11, 2010

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