Thursday, November 25, 2010


I will ever be astonished I will ever stand in awe
That though I should have been punished, under judgment of the law
We wear glory on our faces now so let the Lord be praised
I stand amazed, I stand amazed, I stand amazed.

Grateful for the gift of living
Grateful for the gift of grace
Grateful to be found repenting
Raised by falling on my face

A prodigal with no remorse
A sinner who loved sin
An enemy who hates his source
A loser who could never win

I stand astonished, I stand in awe
That the Lord of all glory, the lamb without flaw
Travelled far beyond time and split apart space
To reach down and draw us up into His grace

He who is perfect and holy and just
Chose us from the foundation of this world to trust
To live and to move and In Christ to be
Bearers of His image and bound to be free.

Anthony Foster
November 23, 2010

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