Sunday, September 9, 2018

Soldiers of the Cross

We are all Soldiers of the Cross
Marching where our Captain leads
He takes us out to battle fields
Where the Lord of Darkness feeds
Protected by the shield of faith
And in His armor dressed
We tear down walls raised up against
The name that we confess

The Lamb leads forth to victory
His robes are red and stained
By the blood of His enemies
Who sought to rule and reign
Yes, there are foes for me to fight
I'm called to stem the flood
This dark world is no friend to grace,
To help us on to God.

For I must fight if I would reign
My spirit you will gird
I'll bear the toil, endure the pain,
Supported by Your word.
For we shall conquer though we die
We bear the two edged sword
Then this shall be the battlecry
The Battle is the Lord's!

The war is in the heavenlies
The outcome is secure
So now go forth in victory
The battle to endure
So keep the faith, contend for souls
And in the gap now stand
His battalions like thunder roll
And obey at His command!

After Isaac Watts
Anthony Foster
September 9, 2018

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