Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Jesus the Righteous One

Jesus the Righteous One
The only righteousness we’ve known
You make your righteousness our own
So we may come when day is done
To stand boldly b’fore your throne

Jesus the Righteous One
You are our perfect great High priest
Your intercede and never cease
You make atonement for our Sin
And give new life to begin again.

Lord plead our case
Our guilt erase
And into glory lead
Your many sons
The chosen ones-
You meet our very need.

Jesus the Righteous One
Plead our case before the throne
Make our unknown sin known
In this very time and place
So we can repent and find grace

Lord plead our case
Your blood bought grace
Shall cover all our sin
Till we shall stand
With empty hands
On mercy to depend.

Anthony Foster
August 13, 2019

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