Thursday, August 29, 2019

Word of Life

Word of Life  bring your good good news
As we hear the words afresh
Show us who we are from God’s view
Reveal our sin, mortify our flesh
Show your mirror to our soul
Sanctify and make us whole

Lord, Break our hearts with wonder
Lord, Tear our souls asunder
Spark in us a faith that saves
Your gospel overcomes the grave
With the power of salvation

Word of Life, two edged sword of steel
Pierce between marrow and bone
Like a surgeon’s knife that cleaves to Heal
The infirmities that it makes known
Cleanse us through what we have heard
By the washing of water by the Word

Give us ears to comprehend
The word of life the Spirit sends
Lord you will rend The cloaking veil
The Word of Life will e're prevail
Its the power of salvation

Eph 5:26
Anthony Foster

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