Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lord why did you awaken us?

Oh Lord why did you awaken us from our deathbound sleep
Why did you choose to rescue us from the desperate deep
What was your purpose in leaving heaven’s glorious scenes
What nature is the love by which you show us what love means?
You chose us to heed your call , the call which called us out
Out of darkness and decay, then from debilitating doubt
You spoke a word and quickened us, our souls received the light
By grace alone you favored us and sought to set us right.

You are the God of justice, you are the God who weeps
The judge and justifier in the high place and the deep
The owner of the universe, the one who sows and reaps
You give and take away, yet we’re held fast within your keep.

You gave us life for living, to move and be In You
Our iniquities forgiving, you cleanse and make us new
Now agents of redemption, we can live what we confess
We have become your body, the nations now to bless
And as your body bears the scars, for those who’re found in Christ
The fellowship of suffering now fires the sacrifice
We seek first your kingdom and your righteousness pursue
To know and understand you in who we are and what we do.

You are the God of mercy, of grace and holiness
The solace for the thirsty, giver of righteousness
You have ordained that we should be the chosen and the blessed
You are the purpose and the plan so in your Truth we rest.

August 28, 2019
Anthony Foster      

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