Wednesday, November 18, 2020


Father in heaven may your Name 
Be hallowed by everyone
Make our lives a means  for men
To honor the Holy One 

By our love may they  love your name 
and reverence and praise  your name
and cherish and treasure your name
Sanctify and  glorify your name 

Father Establish your Kingdom, make it come 
And make your righteous will to be done
As in Heaven, so let it be on earth
Make our obedience declare your worth

 In your providence give us  food for today
Just enough to sustain us is what we pray
Father forgive us as we repent  of our sin
As we forgive  those who ask to be forgiven

Lead us not into temptation
Deliver us from the evil one
Hallowed be your Holy name
We Sanctify your Holy name

For Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the Power
For Yours is the glory
Now and forever

So be it, Amen
Hallowed be your name Lord
Let it be so, Amen
Hallowed be your Holy name

November 18, 2020
Anthony Foster


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