Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Treasured Possessions

We were dead to deepest joy
Never knowing true delight
We were blind to God’s great beauty
Lost in darkness without sight

But a design for joy complete
Was planned before our birth
As God’s joy overflowed 
To make known his glorious worth

Our unmitigated madness
Suicidal measures pass away
Was replaced by glorious gladness
Replaced by a far better way.

And this joy is secured
For all who will believe
By the blood of atonement
The new covenant receive

By the power of God’s love
We’re awakened and set free
Devastated and Delighted
We let go and bend the knee

The almighty work of God 
We come to persevere
Through all sorts of affliction
Our inheritance draws near

So the worst devastations
Prepare us for great delight
Pleasures at God’s right hand
Is where we set our sights.

By his own sovereign pleasure
He made a wretch His treasure
Now we sing, now we sing
As we become a living offering.

November 2, 2020

Anthony Foster 

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