Monday, June 7, 2021

Spirit of Grace

Spirit of Grace make us Holy
Make us to trust in Christ solely
Our hearts sanctify
Our flesh purify
We stand at the throne of grace boldly

Spirit of Grace  now reform us
To the likeness of the Son conform us
Work in us faith 
through the Gospel of grace
With Christ’s righteousness now transform us

Oh Holy Spirit of Grace
Convict us with your kind embrace
Lead us to repent
Our sins to lament
Cleanse us and our guilt erase

Spirit of Grace  our salvation
Our God of all consolation
Your power will suffice 
To point us to Christ
Our hope is His revelation!

Oh Holy Spirit of Grace
Empower us with your embrace
Renew our minds
Our souls refine
Till we see Christ face to face

Hebrews 10:29
June 7, 2021
Anthony Foster


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