Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Come, Broken Sinner

Come, broken sinner, bow your self down
Kneel with your need  right where you are bound
You who are thirsty, come drink your fill
Come find your purpose in the flow of God’s will
This is the glory and this is the song
Sing of the light that saw creation’s dawn
Come to the fountain, and fall on your face
Immerse yourself in the river of grace.

Oh the fountain of mercy flows fast and free
The source of the fountain is from eternity
Your works are futile in heaven’s sight
But abominations are changed in its light

So all those in darkness, all those who thirst
Fill all your vessels until they burst
Flood all your dreams and quench all your pride
Drink of it deeply  till your heart’s satisfied
Come broken sinner, get down on your knees
This is the posture with which God is pleased
This is His glory that you come to this place
To be born of water and the Spirit of Grace

So bring all your sin and bring all your thirst
All you have to offer is to see it immersed
Drink of the fountain, now come taste and see
You can be forgiven, be cleansed and set free.

Luke 16:14–15
Psalm 147:11
Anthony Foster

June 16, 2021 

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