Monday, October 11, 2021

Hammer, Fire and Wheels

The Lord declares His Word is like 
A mighty a hammer in his  hand
The stone shall break with every blow
The rocks cannot withstand

The Lord declares His Word is like
A devastating fire
That consumes  his enemies
With ever righteous ire

God’s wheels grind finely, this wood stubble and hay
He will winnow them and a gale will blow them away. 
He will thresh the mountains and crush them like chaff.
These wheels are instruments of God’s righteous wrath.

The hammer strikes and fire consumes
One molds and shapes or means your doom
The fire, it  burns or purifies
The wheels are there to make you wise
To what you are made of in God’s eyes.

So in the hammer, fire and wheels
The righteous rods of God reveal
Whether wrath or grace attain
When Man’s deep motives are made plain

October 11, 2021

Anthony Foster 

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