Monday, October 11, 2021

Song of Contrition

Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean
Lord open the book and let all be seen
Make me reckon the realities of my soul
Then wash me till I am whiter than snow

Clear off the fog of my wretched path
Filthy rags, fatal glories are storing up wrath
Let your hammer and your Fire begin
To Break my furious heart of Sin

Each futile fatal hope will fail
Every idiotic foolish tale
Uttered by a dark, depraved mind
Lord show light to the bullish and blind.

Write my name in the Lamb’s book
Cleanse every cranny, sweep every nook
Lord I know well that I am not good.
So cover me with your precious blood

What your mirror reflects is not good news
I am the man, there is no excuse
Convicted by my own evidence
Give me a new life, a life that repents

Repent. Confess. Be Forgiven.
October 10, 2021

Anthony Foster 

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