Thursday, March 16, 2023

Sing to the Lord

Sing to the Lord a  new song

Sing every day, sing every day

In the morning when I rise

My heart will realize

That the Spirit’s song will show to me the way

Sing to the Lord a new song

Lord let my mouth be filled with praise

As the day unfurls your Word

Let my soul’s song be heard

And let it never flag for all my days

Sing to the Lord a new song

Welling up within my heart each night

Let me sing of all Your worth

And a heartcry  for this earth

A melody as I walk worthy in the fight

Sing to the Lord a new song

My soul shall sing the wonders of your Love

May the words be right and true

As I sing this song of You

By Your Spirit who indwells me from above

Sing to the Lord a new song

May Your music fill my life with every breath

May the melodies ascend

To become songs that never end

As I sing my way even unto death.

Then I will sing with neverending breath.

March 16, 2023

Anthony Foster

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