Friday, October 2, 2009

Higher Education News

How Higher Ed is beginning to be disrupted- from Techdirt-

Interesting article and fun discussion - An online university falls short of the ideal-

I think this calls for some thought on the value of physical space for a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT...


Larry Gott said...

Too many words, and not enough pictures. Too serious, not enough comedy. In other words, pretty much like my blogposts. And too URLy.

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Anthony said...

I agree, brother, so here goes with the weedwhacker effect- time to slice and dice- errr- that would be the ginsu knife effect....

Larry Gott said...

Regarding the future of universities, see ATMs and online banking: 99.9 % of the cash I need and bank transactions I do take place outside of a bank.

I can see that there might be big trouble coming for university campuses as online education comes to the fore. Someday 90% of the education one gets might be outside a college (or seminary) campus.

But, this DOES fall short of the ideal, when we consider the benefits of social community and idea and issue interchange.

Just a little scary. (See the future of newspapers)


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