Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Your Arms

In this quiet special place
In this respite from the race
Jesus I will seek your face
Resting quietly in your arms.

In this sanctuary sweet
Just to sit here at your feet
I will find my heart complete
Resting quietly in your arms

In the midst of trial and test
In the turmoil I am blessed
In toil and trouble I find rest
Falling safely in your arms.

Here I sense you are so near
Close to you I draw
Keep me ever present here
In this place of grace and awe.
Sovereign over circumstance
Make my heart to daily dance
Coming away or still in the fray
With your arms wrapped ‘round me
Your blessed peace surrounds me.

In this simple place of rest
I will be your welcome guest
As I bless you I am blessed
Resting quietly in your arms.

I am weak but you are strong
I cast myself on you headlong
Here we sing redemption’s song
Resting quietly in your arms

God my Father give me Grace
Spirit help me keep your pace
Christ my restless heart replace
Sheltered from the world’s alarms
Jesus keep my soul from harm.
As I rest here in your arms

Anthony Foster
October 22, 2009

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