Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stream of Conciousness blogging...

Re.:Geezer Worship

A multitude of years does not a wizened saint make. I know some old fools and have been known to claim that moniker for myself. Yet some of the greatest spiritual giants I have known have had some serious mileage on them on the road with the Lord. I recall Miss Dorothy Armstrong, who taught me bible verses in Sunday School, Miss Anita Byrum, whose heart for the lost was humbling and inspiring, and others who have gone on before me now.

Re.: Bygone Musical Tastes: I don't get too bent out of shape when folks in the church want to have a bit of the memorable music of their journeys and not just something written in the past five years.

Re.: On singing in church. the PW leader at church sunday was attempting to teach a new PW song and didn't quite have it down himself. That reminded me of another quote from an older lady who was struggling to attain to a praise song that ended every line in "yeah, yeah": "Not very tuneful, is it?"

And it was just last week that we visited a church where the hymnbook attempted to take us to the mountaintop (musically speaking that is). My falsetto got a real workout.

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