Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Days of Deep Wonder

These are the days of deep wonder
Days of obedience
Deep days of sin torn asunder
Today is the day of recompense
The power to rend our hearts
In the hands of a faithful friend
And though mystery may break us
He is faithful to the end.

Bring the days of the frequent vision
Send each trembling heart on mission
Heneni is our cry
Make our ears tingle and brighten our eye

Help us to cast off all distractions
Help us focus on your grace
Help us understand your mercy
As we seek your holy face.
All that you have spared us from
And all that you have planned
All work together for the glory
Even angels fail to understand.

Your favor is applied
As you draw us to your side
In your presence, father we are undone
Here rests a grace that can’t be won.

Here in the days of deep wonder
The days of hearts crucified
The ultimate circumcision
In a cross where our savior has died
Cut off and broken for our sin
You despised the shame and took the blame
The deep places now arise from within
And we shall never be the same

Your likeness we pursue
And our minds are renewed
In the shelter of your wings
Glory unto glory sings.

Anthony Foster
September 23, 2011

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