Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For the Glory and the Joy

Even with our quickened eyes
We fail to see the depths of grace
But as we turn our eyes to Christ
Clouds will part as we apprehend your face
We apprehend
What we can’t comprehend
And glory fills this place
Thundering radiance fires our bones
As the weight of glory is made known

For the joy set before you
For the glory to be gained
For the Father to restore you
To the place from which you came
Founder and perfecter
Author and finisher
For Father’s glory you stayed true
For the joy set before you
You endured the cross, and suffered loss
Took our blame, despised the shame
Now you are seated at the right hand of God
Given a name above every other name
We bow low to the earth
And seek to worship all you are worth
Grace and compassion are your throne
And so we worship you alone
You are worthy, you are worthy.
Of the glory and the joy of your throne.

Col 3:13
Anthony Foster
September 23, 2011

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