Friday, November 15, 2019

Faith is the Substance

We have tamed the world around us
Yet a longing  still remains
Our limitations have bound us
In an all consuming chain
The illusions we’ve created
Blind us to reality
Thinking we are all sufficient
Thinking that we are free

We shan’t escape ourselves
Deep in our dried up wells
In the void where our soul dwells
That place that bids us drown.
And so we turn to dust
And day by day we lust
In our own way to trust
Real hope’s not to be found.

There is a longing in every heart
That senses  so much more
Visions just out of our reach
That we were created for
Why do I exist and what is true
Is there beauty in what I can feel?
What is the purpose in what we do?
Can we really know what is real?

There is a faith manufactured by fear
But there is a Word that beckons us hear
There is a God who is calling us near
Fearing God we are not afraid
He has the gift of new nativity
He has the key that can set us all free
He holds the promise of eternity
And a hope that never shall fade

No this hope never shall fade
this hope never shall fade
this hope never shall fade

November 15, 2019
Anthony Foster

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