Wednesday, March 17, 2021

By Your Word and Your Will

For our souls are dry as dust
Give us new ears to hear
Lord and draw us near
As you declare us just.

For a dead man to believe
And your holy grace receive
By the work of your Spirit
Alone we will hear it
And a new life is conceived.

By Your Word and your Will
A vacant heart is filled
It’s impossible until you come
We are dead in our sin
And we cannot begin
Till to us your kingdom comes.
And then your will is done.

Turn our hearts to You alone
As we kneel before your throne
For it’s not up to us
In Your work we must trust
In the kindness you have shown
Then we’ll know as we are known.

So turn our hearts to You
Make our hard hearts new
Lord waken the dead
Bring life to dry bones
Then our spirits are fed
By the mercies you’ve shown

August 25, 2009/March 8, 2021


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