Monday, March 22, 2021

Lord Help Me Hear

Speak Lord and let me hear
Give me a listening ear
That I may apprehend
The voice of my Lord, 
That Your word may it rend
My heart like a sword

Separate between the marrow and bone
Until all I perceive is You alone
Lord help me hear 
Lord help me fear

My heart will rejoice
When I hear your voice
I want to obey 
Every word that you say
So Lord help me hear
Make your voice clear

I would do your will
I would walk your way
Write your words on my heart 
Each and every day

I seek your word And I seek your will
My mind your thoughts you fill
Lord out of the chaos and out of the noise
Make a silent place in my heart to rejoice

That the way is obvious
As we go from dust to dust
In your Word Lord may I trust
When I hear your Word

Help me to hear 
And help me to fear
With humble attention
As you draw near
Make your pleasure clear
Lord help me hear

July 25, 2010. March 8, 2021
Anthony Foster

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