Sunday, March 21, 2021

Widows and Orphans

This world will leave you a widow all alone
If you would wander away from the throne
It will leave you an orphan in the street
And you will never be quite complete.

For this hard world forsakes its own
It really don’t care and it makes it known
But the orphan and widow can be restored
There is a husband and Father in the Lord

The widow becomes a part of His bride
‘Neath the shelter of glorious wings you may hide
The orphans are adopted as daughters and sons
There will be a new birth and new life has begun

And all will be reconciled
If you come to him like a child.

Behold what manner of love the Father
Has given unto us
Now we might be called sons and daughters
If we will learn to trust

We gain a heritage and we become heirs
The Father and Bridegroom take us in their  care
For the forsaken woman and the forsaken man
Can have their names written on the palm of His hand

July 25, 2010/March 8, 2021
Anthony Foster

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