Friday, December 22, 2023


Angel armies shout the news

They filled the skies one night

And shepherds wondered at the view

That burst upon their sight

Fear not! Oh shepherds, Christ is born

Witness to what you see

Revelation has the darkness torn

And changed their destiny

And they came with haste

Left their flocks within the fold

To the babe they raced

They obeyed what they were told

And so they came to worship

To the stable stalls they came

On their knees they now adore Him

Then they went out to proclaim

There will be a second advent

To the mountain Christ returns

He will come back in the way he went

In the clouds, for this we yearn

You will see the angel armies

You will hear the trumpet sound

As He comes in radiant glory

To those who in Him are found.

Angel armies will come with Him

And they’ll gather every man

To come before the throne of judgment

There to fall or there to stand

There will be no condemnation

For all those found in Christ

For they have their testimony

Of the blood of His sacrifice.

So come with haste to the table

Of the risen stricken lamb

The incarnate light is able

To redeem the soul of man

And so now come to worship

Come and His peace proclaim

On your knees come to adore Him

Come and glorify His name!

December 22, 2023

Anthony Foster

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