Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Mighty Prayer

Oh Jesus deliver me
From evil and my schemes
And may your deliverance be seen
In the change you make in me
Save me from what I want to fix
From my inferior dreams
Save me from settling for less
From living beneath my privilege
Rescue me from my dangerous mind
Redeem my wasted moments of time

Restore me to right reckoning
Show me the value I disdain
Your holiness is beckoning
Give me vision to pursue what is plain
Make it obvious to me what you ordain.

Show me your way, guide me today
Give me the wisdom, I hunger and pray
Make my prayers a hunger
Make my desires a holy thirst
Only you can quench when I seek you first
I want you more than anything
I want to bless you alone
Put you before all others
Every moment I have known
Help me to clearly see
Make your will obvious to me!

Anthony Foster
October 13, 2010

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