Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cover Up

Buried in the depths of dust
Covered by miry clay
Captives of a dismal tomb
Yearn for the light of day
O’er whelmed by sin’s landslide
A covering that kills
A darkness where there’s nowhere to hide
Raised up against God’s will.

You can pray for mountains to fall
Or an avalanche to cover you all
You can pray to be washed away in a flood
But there is nothing but the beloved’s blood.

There is no garment you can weave
No skin of animals, no coat of leaves
To cover over the sin you love
There is nothing but the beloved’s blood.

You can pray to be swallowed by the earth
Or cast yourself in the sea
You can change your name, for what it’s worth
But you can’t change your identity
For the one who made you knows you
As He knows the hearts of man
He’s the only one who’ll show you
Who you are and what He’s planned

Anthony Foster
October 13, 2010

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