Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The consecrated living way
Abides forevermore
The Holy One has made a path
A way to enter Heaven’s Door

We long to give Christ all our hearts
We devote our lives to You alone
The obedience of faith impart,
So consecrate us as your own!

This is true worship as we become
The holiness of the Holy One

Lord, consecrate our lives to You
Align our souls in one accord
Our pure devotion now is due
To our Holy, Most High Lord!

This is true worship as we become
Devoted to the Holy One!

Consecration, devotion, obedience
Made for the noble purpose of His presence!

Oh Lord, be our supreme desire
As your holiness we now confess
This is what holiness requires
You become our Righteousness

This is true worship as we become
The likeness of the Holy One.

Anthony Foster
October 20, 2010

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