Friday, November 30, 2012


The Firstborn

The angels proclaim the Good News- a baby in a manger lies
The firstborn of a virgin womb, and all who seek this sign are wise.
The angels then became silent- for thirty years they sought the day
When all he came for was fulfilled- for they had nothing left to say.
The firstborn of the virgin womb lies in a stable-cave
God’s Son, the only begotten is born our souls to save.
The angel said "He is not here", who saw the righteous sun arise
The firstborn of a virgin tomb, thus born, he never dies.
The sign of Jonas was now giv’n to those who lacked faith’s eyes to see
The firstborn of many brothers, leading many sons to glory
The firstborn child of Mary’s womb is the firstborn of virgin grave
God’s son the only begotten, is born again our souls to save...

December 12,1996

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