Friday, November 30, 2012

Whispered Word

The Grace that Once was Etched in Stone

The Word of God was whispered in a Baby
A silent shout of promise filled the night
While mankind could not comprehend His Glory
The darkness could not comprehend the light!

A holy child abides now in a manger
While shepherds are abiding in the fields
The temple's sacrificial flocks attending
Rejoiced to see God's final lamb revealed!

Spirit winds and angelsongs fan servant fires
Hearts of flesh join with the angels' praise
All heaven from eternity adored Him
This infant is the Ancient of Days!

His throne is now a feeding trough and binding rags his robes
His diadem a bed of straw that crowns creation's hopes!
The grace that once was etched in stone
In Human flesh now dwells
God's law in him, would be fulfilled
This Divine Dayspring's Holy Well!

December 24,1998
Anthony Foster

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