Friday, November 30, 2012

Song of Zechariah

Through the tender mercy of our God
Comes the Dayspring from on High
To visit us, to guide our feet upon this sod
By His own blessed light he now draws nigh
So to those who sit in darkness beneath the shadow that death casts
The faithfulness of salvation has come to us at last
Celebrate this baby -fall down at His feet
Worship him as saviour and Christmas is complete.
Fall on your knees- adore the holy One
Fall on your knees- for God has sent His son!
And so this child of Bethlehem came to bear the covenant sign
The seal of kingdom promises - the crux of God’s design
To see God’s throne in humility you must have wizened eyes
The thrill of hope breaks forth in song for in the cradle mercy lies

Dec 30,1997
Anthony Foster

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