Friday, December 25, 2020

The Birth of the Ancient of Days

Take me to the edge of awe and plunge me to its depths
For I have been so callous to your story.
I've grown accustomed to your Grace - it is like my breath
I've come to take for granted your great glory

I stand wond'ring at the Birth of the Ancient of Days
Your mystery, your terror  and the danger
At the end of pondering  I give up myself to praise
Of the majestic myst'ry in a manger.

A beatific vision in this place 
as we behold the savior face to face
Nothing is so shocking as the creche 
the ancient of all days is veiled in flesh
Beguiling babe-begotten from eternity 
Unimaginable is your majesty
That I might see Open up my eyes 
And stun me once again as I realize 

Your coming forth is from of old, from the ancient days
The one  who existed before birth, behold
You came to witness to the Truth of your Father's ways
You came into the world  infinitely old

Lord make me feel amazed and astonished at the thought
That now my heart might apprehend your glory
The wonder of the holy blood by which my soul was bought
Beyond the shadows  reality I see

Anthony Foster
December 25, 2020

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