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The Bullitt County News  February 17, 1907  

The Children’s Corner 

The weather has been so cold and the little ones have been housed up so much that I thought it would be nice to write a little especially for the little ones. I used to teach school myself and I always like children and still feel a great interest in them, and it is natural that my thoughts should turn to them during these shut-in times. Most children go to school when they can, and I think it would be nice to talk about school. In the first place we will give you a few little problems that might be interesting to you, (now all this is for the little children and we hope older ones will not criticize), 

Now for the problem: Suppose you are eight years old and Mama is 32 years old, when you are 32 how old will Mama be? Miss Susie has 26 scholars and she wishes to treat them on oranges at 24 cents per dozen, what will it cost her to give one orange to each scholar? 

Now for the little boys. Suppose you buy 2 dozen lead pencils at 2 cents each and sell them 2 pencils for 5 cents; how much do you make on the 2 dozen pencils? 

Next: Suppose you buy a yellow pony for $20 and a saddle for $4, you pay $16 down and then work 20 days at 35 cents per day, how much will you owe on your pony? 

We might go a little farther and take in scholars a little larger. Suppose you have a cord of wood for sale and you sell 44 inches in length of the pile to one person for 42 cents and the balance of the cord to another customer at the same rate, how much will the second person pay for his part of the wood, and how much will you get for your cord of wood? 

History. When did Kentucky become a State and who was President of the United States at the time? 

Grammar. Would you say Papa come home Saturday, or Papa came home Saturday? 

Geography. Which is farthest North, Washington City, Cincinnati, or St. Louis? Answer first, then look. 

Before I close I wish to say something about Sunday school. When the weather is too bad to go to Sunday school we ought to study our lesson at home. This quarter’s lesson is so interesting. We learn how God’s special providence is over all His people, we learn how God took care of Noah and all his family and all the living creatures that he saved in the Ark. It is certainly a strong lesson in favor of trusting God. God’s care is not only over His people, but over all the living creatures that He has created. We are told that not even a sparrow falleth to the ground without His knowledge. During the coldest weather and while the snow lay deep on the ground, I went to mill, and just in front of me a little gray squirrel crossed the road; he had evidently been to mill too, for he was hurrying homeward with a head of sorghum in his mouth. We can see the providence of God in providing for the little squirrel. I will give you a Scripture verse on the subject: “Behold the fowls of the air, for they sow not, neither do they reap or gather into barns, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them; are ye not much better than they?” We will not trouble the little ones to send their answers to the paper, but take them to Mama, she will tell you if they are right. If you like all this I may write again. Yours truly, 
C. W. R.   

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