Saturday, November 6, 2021

Hour of Need (Perfect Timing)

God’s grace comes to us in its perfect time
His well-timed help is always His design
We have this prevailing confidence
All times to Him are in present tense

A moment away or a month or a year
When the number is filled all will become clear
For he is there always not just when we bleed.
Jesus is there in our greatest hour of need

We have precious promises God will fulfill
We trust what ‘s permitted or ordained by His will
For our Savior Jesus lives to ever intercede
And he’s there in our greatest hour of need.

He set  all of times by His authority
There’s no time to fret for our inadequacy
Our times are in his precious scarred hand
So with confidence we can wait on His plan

Prayer is the entryplace where we can find
The faithful facts that forge all of time
He works it together  while He holds us fast.
In His perfect timing all will come to past

For every hour our neediness grows
That only His presence can fill here below
He ministers to our hearts and our souls
Every hour is an hour of need here below

Hebrews 4:16 , Acts 1:7, Psalm 90:4, Acts 17:26, Psalm 31:15
November 6, 2021
Anthony Foster

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