Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Oh Living Head

Oh Living Head, you arose from the dead

We worship at your feet

You came to die, you were crucified

To become our mercy seat.

The plan was laid, the provision made

Before the foundations of the world

In time and space You revealed your case

Like a scroll through time unfurled

The seed of the woman would persist 

Through fire and rage and flood

The root of Jesse springing forth

As the holy Son of God

No man may decide for Him unless by

The Father he is drawn

But for those who hear he will draw them near

And convert them right from wrong.

So come to him and be freed from Sin

And sing redemption’s song

The chosen few- all who’ve been made new

All will be fulfilled ere long

They who bend the knee, given eyes to see

By the magnificent I Am

As He is esteemed they are redeemed 

By the perfect blood of the lamb

February 21, 2023

Anthony Foster.


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