Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Startling Saga of the Sinless Servant Savior

The presence of the Lord was there In Eden’s paradise

But the bearer of God’s image Outlawed fruit filled  their eyes

Creator cast them out from there-they could not simply trust

That God was good and great and wise-And they were holy dust.

Man went his way and went astray and wickedness did reign

God called out to preserve the seed Judged men with flooding rain

A new beginning but mankind-A Babel-fist had raised

Then the creator scattered men To 4 winds all their days

For centuries men sought the light t’was lost at Eden’s gate

A wilderness was waiting there-For men to navigate

But then GOD called upon a man-To forfeit his own son

His mercy met His own command- the offering was done

Then at a bush that did not burn-God visited again

He called a one time prince who fell-From grace and power’s plan

Then He showed himself in glory-to mortal eyes true fire

And revealed the holy story- what holiness  requires

So came the judges and the kings-Men sought their substitutes

For sovereign rule and righteousness-They debased their pursuits

And all like sheep had gone astray-To follow their own eyes

And still a remnant few would pray –a servant would arise

His ancestors had turned away-did what they thought was wise

But lost in a fool’s dream they stay- The soul that sins still dies

But they were anticipating- The Promised King to come

And though they failed time and again- God’s will would still be done.

He put on human flesh and bone- And entered into dust

To live a life that they would not-And could not learn to trust

And so the presence they had sought- He came; they knew him not

But with His death man’s souls were bought-He bore trangression’s  lot

So He gave himself to evil-So he could conquer death

In a glorious resurrection-God gave his corpse new breath

And so now He has ascended Far beyond Eden’ seed

And there before the Throne of grace - He  ever intercedes

So the seed became a servant- a Savior to become

This sacrificial substitute would see God’s will be done

That mercy and compassion would truly be revealed

Now forever with the presence of our God we are sealed!

February 22, 2023

Anthony Foster

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