Saturday, February 18, 2023

God is With You

When sadness fills your heart 

From your eyes the tears may flow

You feel you'll fall apart, 

Remember God is with you, 

Still with you, 

Always with you as you go

When doubts and fears assail

When troubles seize the day

His power will not fail

Remember God is with you

Still with you

Always with you all the way

Jesus said, 

“If anyone loves the Lord

Then he will keep His Word, 

My Father will love him,

and to him we will come 

and make with him our home” 

When you’re lost and all alone

Jesus draws you to His side

Gives the peace you’ve never known

He will never leave nor forsake you

There together you’ll forever abide

Forever you’ll abide…

John 14:21

February 18, 2023

Anthony Foster

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