Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Place

Heaven is your throne
And the earth is your footstool
You abide within your own
The basilica in whom you rule

There is no holy house in which you dwell
There is no separation and no veil
There are no other wings under which to hide.
Other than this tabernacle of your bride.

In You alone we hide
In you alone we abide
Hid with Christ in God we rest
We enter in and we are blessed.

Transform our striving into rest
Let us enter in to that place where we are blessed
Not some earthbound sanctuary
Not some sacred place to tarry
But we find the holy hidden in our hearts
You are the sacred ground of which we are a part

In you alone we trust
In you alone we are declared just
We come our sins to confess
And we are made into your righteousness.

Anthony Foster
August 4, 2009

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