Thursday, August 27, 2009

I discovered I am a netgeezer.

I was on a bulletin board for Parkinson's caregivers by 1989, published my first webpage in 1993, was into Shockwave in 95, taught "internet literacy" from '98-03 and started blogging in 2003.

So's I went out to the World Wide Web and did a little web surfing on the infobahn this morning. Then a long distance call came in on my personal digital assistant about something someone read on my weblog.

Now that is REALLY dating yourself. Here are the Business Week 12 words that are so passe as to embarrass you...

Who wants to do that?

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Larry Gott said...

I'm not so much a netgeezer as a pcgeezer, having started in 1981 selling the Trash 80 (TRS80) in Radio Shack Computer stores. I switched over to the IBM PC within months of its advent in 82-83, and didn't hit the internet until about 1996.

In other news, I love all these "word verification" words that are fauxwords, like this one: purgess.