Friday, December 21, 2018

Advent (Why Christ Came)

Christ came to ransom many
From the market of slavery
The slaves of sin are purchased
He came to set them free

He came to call us sinners
To repent and to believe
The dead in sin he raised to live
Our sickness to relieve

He came as light into the world
To open up blind eyes
To deliver them from darkness
Bound up by Satan’s lies

He came into this wicked world
The devils works to destroy
He came to crush the serpent’s skull
And fill our hearts with joy

He came to divide households
To set apart His own
To divide darkness from the light
For the truth they now have known.

He came to  us to save us
From wrath  and condemnation
Now God is for us once for all
We  receive His salvation!

He saves to life eternal
He saves from death and sin
He saves us for His glory
So our great good begins!

Mark 10:45, Galatians 4: 4-5, Luke 5:31-32, John 9:39; Mathew 10:34, John 3:16-18
December 21, 2018
Anthony Foster

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