Wednesday, January 4, 2023

God, My Strength and My Salvation

God, my strength and my salvation
Lift me from the depths of sin
You who in Your incarnation
My redemption did begin
On the cross to die for me
From my sins to set me free
Lord, make known Your great salvation
Which through faith we now receive! 

Send to me your Holy Spirit
Strengthen me with your presence near
Though I confess I own no merit
To my petition lend your ear.
Redirect my ways oh Lord
Turn me to your Holy Word
Make known to me your great salvation
Which is through Your great grace  heard!

Create a clean heart, cast out doubt
Renew and make my spirit right
Jesus do not cast me out
Nor take away your cleansing light
Far from You I stand in need
With great hope I humbly plead
I have known Your great salvation
Help me to live  to Your glory!

January 4, 2023
Anthony Foster

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