Sunday, January 1, 2023

Make Much of Jesus

All you who pursue wood, stubble, and hay
Wrapped up in your desires and dreams
There is coming a fire that will burn them away
Cause nothing is as real as it seems.

If we make much of Jesus
Magnifying His great name
Lifting Holy hands to declare
And His glories to proclaim
To glorify Him is our aim!

We must decrease and He must increase
Tell the world of His marvelous deeds!
How for Sinners He has bought their peace
This is the world’s great need

Make much of His Love, Make much of His Grace
Make much of His mercy to His glorious praise
Make much of His  works and make much of His Word
Make much of the Best News you ever have heard

Let us make much of Jesus
His magnificence declare
For there’s no other name ever given
That can ever compare
So tell it everywhere!

January 1, 2023
Anthony Foster

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