Monday, January 9, 2023

Lord Most High

Lord Most High- You who love me
Lord Most High, Why should this be?
If I die, You shall hold me
If I live, I live fully free.

For You are my Savior, and You are my King
You are the Lord of All, The Master of everything
Lord I will trust You, I’ll answer your call
For it is just You who can be  all in all!

On the way in this wilderness-on this narrow path
Christ's Obedience You bless and forego Your wrath
Lord help me abandon all my selfish desires
You will replace them with Your Holy Fire

Lord Most High, You have saved me
I was dead in Sin, but You forgave me
Well I would walk worthy by the power of your might
Cast off what is earthly and do what is right 
In Your sight as I walk in the Light!

January 8, 2023
Anthony Foster

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