Thursday, January 19, 2023

Three things (among many) I learned as an artist

1. Negative space. Getting an accurate rendering of negative spaces will help you define the positive ones more accurately. I think there is a spiritual principle here. If we have a wrong view of the negative in our life,  the majority of which relate to the Sin principle and/or personal sin, we will fail to apprehend the good, the true, and the beautiful accurately. 
2. Critique. The ability to thoughtfully critique and evaluate one’s art is essential to improving its beauty and your skill in producing it. The same relates to reckoning reality rightly. 2 Thessalonians 5:21 tells us to examine everything. Hold on to the good. That applies first and foremost to discerning ourselves, and that can only be done by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
3. Perspective. Changing the way one observes reality changes what we produce as an artist. We all have a lens through which we view the world, a worldview. In our faith walk, we need to stay humble and realize our biases. True Truth can be known, and only God gets to define Reality. The image of God in us is broken and needs to be restored; that happens initially at regeneration,  but is a lifelong process of being conformed to Christ on this earth until He completes His work in us in glorification. In the meantime, if we skew the lines we draw in a way that does not conform to God’s reality, we pay a spiritual price and ugliness attains. 

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