Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Lord Be Magnified

Lord Jesus Take our pride away

We  have no sufficiency

We’re bankrupt sheep who’ve lost our way

Sin-sick, helpless and unworthy

But unto the hills our eyes we raise

And we feel thanksgiving rise

For You are worthy  to be praised

Oh Lord be magnified

With grateful hearts  we lift our eyes

For from You all blessings flow

You're our providence and our great prize

Your great goodness  we would show

So Our thank offering now we lift

In Gratitude for all you provide

You are benefactor and the Gift

Oh Lord be magnified


In our weakness or our might

Lord be magnified

In our poverty or our  wealth

Lord be magnified

Whether abased or we abound

Lord be magnified

In our Heart and soul and mind and strength

Lord be magnified

In our life and in our death 

Lord be magnified

To the lowly and the meek

Your spread your grace abroad

Your greatness perfects the weak

And your sufficiency we laud

We lean upon a cross-shaped crutch

So you are are glorified

In You there are blessings overmuch

Oh Lord be magnified

Oh Lord be magnified

Oh Lord be magnified

November 28, 2023

Anthony Foster

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