Sunday, November 12, 2023

Wood, Stubble and Hay

Here in the stubble wood and hay

All treasures of this world  now decay

I know I have been deceived, 

Though hearing not perceived

That the voice of God is shouting  clear and plain.

Not forsaken, but if  to self I will be slain,

In the death of Jesus His life will be my gain.

Here in the hay and straw and wood

It seems that I’ve misunderstood

I have had wrong all the price tags 

My righteous acts were filthy rags

And the voice of God is shouting  clear and plain.

Ami I forsaken or merely insane?

If what you hold in awe, turns out to be mere straw

What will you do- What will you say

When you give and account of your life on that day?

Neither silver or gold nor  precious stone,

Can build a foundation like Christ alone

What the world requires 

Won’t last through the fires

That faulty work will be brought to light

To be displayed within plain sight

For there’s but one foundation that is right

I Cor 13:2;  I Cor 3:11-13

November 12, 2023

Anthony Foster

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