Friday, February 23, 2024

Truth and Love

The truth is all compassion

They never are at odds

If we follow fashion

Our will and not God’s 

We will walk in real error

This is no slight mistake

So in our soul’s sinbearer

We must walk for His name’s sake

As we weep with those who weep

Taste the grace the Lord  imparts

If we lead with mercy we will keep

The trust that guards our hearts

No compromise will attain

Results that are not sin

If the Father’s will we will fain

The truth we’ll try to bend.

So love and truth are married

One purpose and one flesh

They give birth to a varied

Grace that flows ever fresh

An action that’s of pity born

Abounds in steadfast love

And as we mourn with those who mourn

Mercy flows from above…

February 26, 2024

Anthony Foster

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